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I wish I had time to play Supernatural. ;_; Oh well, by the time I can play Sims again, Seasons will be out too. Anyway, under the cut you will find the Pounawea pictures I posted recently (plus a few extras I didn't put on tumblr), and some other random sim pictures.

I really like black bar borders - they give a really nice film feeling to the picture. Somehow they add a touch of realism that I don't think I was hitting with borderless pictures.

On that note, I've noticed that my picture editing style flip flops a lot between a little more realistic, and stylized cartoony. It actually bothers me a fair bit, because I like everything to stay nice and consistent. :(

This is my recreation of one of my old ts2 favourites, Cainan. She barely looks like her old self, but I do like her a lot anyway. I recreated her old roommate Lilium as well, but I'm not satisfied enough with her yet.

An announcement: This will probably be one of my last (sim related) posts here for a while. My college course doesn't allow for a lot of free time, so I doubt I'll be able to sim at all while my semester is in progress. I do have a small backlog of pictures and things to post here eventually, and I will still be hovering around the community as I do, so please don't hesitate to shoot me a PM or something if you have any questions or would like to chat. :)
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