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Hi guys, it has come to my attention that a couple things I posted on GoS have since been purged for whatever reason. 8|

I did an edit of a Newsea mesh for Pinketamine a while ago to make it less poofy and fivehead-y, and that original thread has been deleted. So, you can get the edited mesh here. Below is a crap BS picture.

Also, the download thread for my header sim and regular model Juniper was deleted, so if you'd fancy having her for your game, you can download her here. Pretty sure she's packaged with a bunch of crap you don't need (she does come with a custom hair mesh, sorry about that!), so you might want to use CleanInstaller. No pictures because she is plastered all over many of my download previews.

Edit: Juniper's thread has been restored, thanks to the wonderful Nymphy. <3 You can find it here.
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Hey guys, in case you haven't heard, [ profile] allthingsimlish is having an anon love meme event! :) I stuck my name in there, 'cause it seems like such a nice way to spread the love around the community.

In other news, I'm posting my skin progress because I know I'll be more likely to actually FINISH when I have a legion of half finished skins staring at me every time I look at my page. Top three are alien, bottom left is plantsim, and bottom right is zombie without a proper scalp texture. \:D/

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Um hi guys, I've been pretty quiet lately, and this is why:

I got my hands on some extracted FF13 models (sadly it's just the ladies though :c) and have been wrestling with Milkshape for a while to get the hair working, since they're built in a very similar manner to TS3 hairs. Thanks to io and Aelia though, I at least know my efforts to convert this will hopefully not be in vain. :P
If I end up succeeding with this hair, Lightning, Serah, and Nora are next on my list.
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As usual, I suck when it comes to finishing stuff when I say I'm gonna do it. Buut, finally I have decided on the plantsim skin for my Venice add-on set.

Body + more previews )
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I am here tonight bringing previews of things to come (and also picspam)! I started on the plantsim skin for my Venice add on set, and in the works I have a zombie skin which I showed before, mannequin, alien, and possibly bad witch.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

I'm not sure if the vines are too cartoony for the skin tone, so thoughts on this would be awesome. And now, for the tiniest bit of picspam ever, because I wanted to share. :)

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Okay, I'll put down the capslock now.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Wrrryyyy would anyone put all of the highlights in the wrong places like this, and make the hair mapped in such a way that the highlights are all stretched in different places and impossible to get even? ; A; Also, the little dark spot beside the bangs refuses to be fixed and is consequently giving me mild eye spasms. 8D

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Oh, I also posted some skins on GoS which you can find in this thread.
Okay, it's late here so bye bye now.
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Haaay guys, just posting 'cause my computer got fixed and I got all my shit back, so the skins should be coming up in the next while, providing I don't get too distracted by the awesome that is Maxis match. :D Finally all that flipping through [ profile] an_nas and [ profile] kinemortophobia s' journals got to me and I gave in. I have to say, I'm really liking it so far. I can finally play the Maxis sims properly without my OCD kicking in. xD

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Yes, I know my bandwidth is exceeded for my download posts. No, I do not need a million pms and comments informing me of this fact. One will suffice, thank you very much. I'm sorry that I currently don't have the time to move the pictures to another host, but I assure you that I will in due time. 'Til then, just wait until the fifth twelfth when my bandwidth should reset itself. :)

Another thing: I'm very shy and can rarely think of what to say when someone comments on my downloads and such. Then by the time I think of what to say (or notice a comment that I missed) it's usually too late to say anything. I hope I haven't offended anyone, but if I have, I apologize.
/late sekrit response is late

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Louis nosemasks as per request, and a WIP skintone that I'd appreciate some feedback on. :)

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