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Hookay so these have been sitting in my folder since Advent, slowly becoming some of my favourite eyes to use. So I am releasing them here in case any of you lovely people would like them. :D

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Siren is this first set here. Basically I just slapped Mousey's Marbled eyes onto Pooklet's sclera, resized the irises, and recoloured them a few times. Sorry for the magenta shade in the swatch, I forgot to take a proper picture of it. Comes in both custom and geneticized flavours, keep only one. Also, the swatch is in alphabetical order so I didn't bother to type out the names.


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Still Alive is pretty much the same as Siren, except its base is Mousey's lovely Tropics eyes. Once again, it was stuck onto Pooklet's sclera, resized, and recoloured a few times. It comes in both custom and geneticized, keep only one. Swatch is in alphabetical order.

Have a nice day, guys. :)
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It took me forever to get these sims packaged because I was lazy and didn't want to open BS etc etc no one cares. But yeah, they are here now, so yay. \:D/ Stories are c/p'd from my post on GoS, because I can.

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So, second post I'm doing tonight. *Phew* Feels good to get it out of the way. In this post you will find edited versions of mouseyblue's beautiful Broken Space and Window Seat eyes, aaand a whole shit ton of nosemasks with noses ganked off of her skins. The eyes have been centered, geneticized, and had Pooklet's lovely sclera slapped on, because I'm a sucker for uniformity when it comes to iris placement, apparently. :D Also, they didn't work with my alien eye overlays and that made Pyxis a sad panda.

Swatch of all colours (Links to Mousey's original swatch, since colours and names are the same)

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