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So, I hit my last milestone a while ago, actually, but at the time I was dealing with some computer issues and didn't have the time to make anything. But I digress, on to the downloads. :D Sorry for the ugly post formatting I cannot deal with LJ/DW cuts ugh. :|

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I've been ridiculously busy with college this semester, hence my general absence from the community, but now I'm finally done my first year! Which means a triumphant return to simming. :) So, today I bring a small offering - I noticed I've hit 300 followers on tumblr, and I wanted to give a small thank you gift to all of you. ♥ I'm sorry that it's only TS3 stuff, but that's all I feel inspired to create for right now.

First is some t-shirts inspired by the ones made by MissTiikeri for TS2. I also used her art on four of the shirts, so credit goes to her for the gorgeous pictures as well. These are on a basegame (I think) EA top mesh, so no eps required. I changed the mask a little bit, so that the back of the shirt takes the same colour as the shirtsleeves and not the front. Only comes in package format, because I have no idea how to make Sims3packs. The third shirt in the swatch has that picture on it, I just forgot to take an ingame one.

Secondly, I've found myself really missing the cute animal skins from TS2, so I took one of the Genensims animal noses and converted it for TS3 use. It has one recolourable channel and shows up in the blush section. A word of warning about these, if your graphics card is like mine, it's going to look like crap on dark skinned sims, but unfortunately there's nothing I can do about that. Also only comes in package format.

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Hello guys. o/ Just dropping in to upload a shoe swap I did way back in August. My game dev course in college is keeping me super busy, but I'm learning a lot of new meshing tricks that I'm excited to apply to TS2 creating. :D Anyway, this is one of the basegame CF skirts, but with Gothplague's Docs (shrunk down for kidlets by Trapping, I believe, so credit to her <3). I also retextured it with a couple skirt textures I stole off some of Ghanima's outfits.

It has a fat morph, and is not untuckable, sorry. :( There are technically only two recolours for now, but the black plaid skirt has an option of either black or red docs, so pick whichever or keep both. I'm 99.9% sure that the mesh included is the proper one, but I don't have my game to boot up and check currently, so if there's any weirdness, please let me know.

P.S. I'm not sure if the post shows up in peoples' reading lists because I posted it as a sticky, so I'll link it in this post too. I uploaded all of the texture files and psds for my Venice skins here, so if any creators would like them, they're free to grab. :)

I hope everyone has a great day!
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Um, hi everyone. I'm sick and it's late here so I'll be brief. I wanted a leotard for my sim Josefina, which fit her personality better than the plain old Maxis recolours. So these happened. Not sure who will want these, but I figured someone might. There's much you need to know, other than that these require Freetime, they are athletic wear only, and there are four of them. The swatch is in proper order, 01-04 reads from left to right. All of them have black shoes.

Stay tuned, I have a basegame CF mesh with Docs to upload in the next couple days.
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Hey guys, just a heads up that I've posted my Advent gift over at GOS (finally XD). I won't repost the entire thing here because that would be tedious and annoying, so have a picture and a link instead.

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As you all probably know, GoS had a Christmas in July event, and my lovely santee [personal profile] roxehfoxehh has kindly allowed me to share the gifts I made for her. So here they are. \:D/

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