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So, I hit my last milestone a while ago, actually, but at the time I was dealing with some computer issues and didn't have the time to make anything. But I digress, on to the downloads. :D Sorry for the ugly post formatting I cannot deal with LJ/DW cuts ugh. :|

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I've been ridiculously busy with college this semester, hence my general absence from the community, but now I'm finally done my first year! Which means a triumphant return to simming. :) So, today I bring a small offering - I noticed I've hit 300 followers on tumblr, and I wanted to give a small thank you gift to all of you. ♥ I'm sorry that it's only TS3 stuff, but that's all I feel inspired to create for right now.

First is some t-shirts inspired by the ones made by MissTiikeri for TS2. I also used her art on four of the shirts, so credit goes to her for the gorgeous pictures as well. These are on a basegame (I think) EA top mesh, so no eps required. I changed the mask a little bit, so that the back of the shirt takes the same colour as the shirtsleeves and not the front. Only comes in package format, because I have no idea how to make Sims3packs. The third shirt in the swatch has that picture on it, I just forgot to take an ingame one.

Secondly, I've found myself really missing the cute animal skins from TS2, so I took one of the Genensims animal noses and converted it for TS3 use. It has one recolourable channel and shows up in the blush section. A word of warning about these, if your graphics card is like mine, it's going to look like crap on dark skinned sims, but unfortunately there's nothing I can do about that. Also only comes in package format.

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Hey guys, just a heads up that I've posted my Advent gift over at GOS (finally XD). I won't repost the entire thing here because that would be tedious and annoying, so have a picture and a link instead.

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So, second post I'm doing tonight. *Phew* Feels good to get it out of the way. In this post you will find edited versions of mouseyblue's beautiful Broken Space and Window Seat eyes, aaand a whole shit ton of nosemasks with noses ganked off of her skins. The eyes have been centered, geneticized, and had Pooklet's lovely sclera slapped on, because I'm a sucker for uniformity when it comes to iris placement, apparently. :D Also, they didn't work with my alien eye overlays and that made Pyxis a sad panda.

Swatch of all colours (Links to Mousey's original swatch, since colours and names are the same)

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Louis nosemasks as per request, and a WIP skintone that I'd appreciate some feedback on. :)

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